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December 15, 2021


By Skye Reid


By Isabelle Schremp

The cliff I call failure 

I have stood by this ledge my whole life

Tip-toeing around a cliff 

I have done anything and everything not to fall

I am not so afraid of the fall itself

For I am afraid of what’s to come after 

What will my peers think of me 

So that is why I stand right out of the spotlight

Behind the curtains

For I am afraid of the eyes

Afraid of the minds that come with

But then I met my fate

And I fell

But wait it was not the feeling I once knew

The feeling I thought I memorized 

It was something enchanting and hypnotic 

Something new

That feeling was my padding 

My protection from the fall

Once I had fallen I could see that failure was not a cliff

For it was a path to new beginnings

Summer Break

By Isabelle Schremp

Summer break

The months of “freedom”

No school, homework, or tests

It’s our time to rest

The one time I can push others away

I can finally be alone with my thoughts 

But sometimes my thoughts grow too big

For they don’t fit in my head anymore

They pour out wherever they can

Staining the walls and floors that make up my room

I love to be alone


Sometimes I need people near 

To block my thoughts 

Even if it’s only for a moment


By Clara Monahan & Ella Green


By Lauren Tyler

I stitch my sorrow and I thread my pain

I color tapestries of fading blues and muted greys

By night I unravel the work of the day

Hoping that by fraying the threads

I’ll take my agony away

By day I play the despondent widow

Longing to see her husband’s shadow

Face marred by tears of loss

Eyes bloodshot - stained by grief

Absent of well-deserved relief

I play my part and I play it well

Twisting and turning the suitor’s threads

Showers of jewels fall upon my head

Until I retire for the night

To my clever stitching of another kind

After the long hours faded into days

I felt the months slowly slip away

Far too absent of his mind sharp and clear

My only intellectual equal

On this earth we hold so dear

But the day came when my boy left home

No longer a child but fully grown

He went in search of his father dear

Asking about my wants and longing

But also my deepest fear

Time started to fly again

And I returned to my infinite sewing

I held that grain of hope deep in my heart

Stitching it out into my tapestry of night

In a thousand silver stars

After time had reached its end

I started to raise the white flag

Finally deciding to surrender and give in

But then I suddenly heard a familiar tread

The man who inspired my many threads

Like an eagle come to steal its prey

He was here to fight another day

A champion of battle’s glory

He wreaked his vengeance

And brought down Troy once more

Now my longing has come to an end

My silver star has come home again

He completed my tapestry

Resolving my inner tragedy

Snipping the final thread on the trim


By Janie Monahan

The sun rises

to set.

Clouds are born

to be scattered.


a flower’s bloom is full of beauty;

but in the cold and darkness,

the petals shrivel and shrink.

As the earth becomes hard and sharp,

and all of its treasure fades away,

we must look to the only one and world

that will always be there and stay.

World Wide Fear

By Abi Markey


Something that scares us all

Something we find comfort in 


Something we can all relate to

Something that we hide under the covers from 


Something that leads to growth

Something that everyone hates


By Tailtha Luben

Dandelion petals fall from the sky,

Faint and lifeless -

It must be autumn.

On the verge of winter,

Everything is crumbling lifeless,

Except for me. 

Here I stand, 

Not tall, or proud, but here,

Catching the petals in my hands;

They leave me feeling empty.

I crumble them.

The world goes white,

Except for me, 

And the dandelion petals,

Floating through the sky. 

My tears fall like the dandelion petals.

Memories fall too,

Every little measure of thought,

Tattered on the ground,

Falling through the ground,

Becoming the ground. 

Everything I love is falling,

Much like dandelion petals.

Everything is 




Dying and merging

With the white void. 

It doesn’t hurt.

I wish it would.

I want it, I need it to prick my skin,

I need the dandelions to hurt as I clench my fist.

But they don’t, 

And all I can do is cry,

And stare,

And wish I was anywhere but here.

I wonder when I’ll run out of tears to cry,

When my tears will sully the endless white,

When will everything finally fade away,

When will every essence of my being turn grey,

And leave me feeling very much unalive,

As the white void around me swims with life.

The dandelion petals feel so very alive in my hands.

I clench them, 

But they still refuse to hurt.

I clench them,

But my body refuses to feel at all.

I clench them as they fall around me.

I clench them as the world turns grey.

I clench the dandelion petals from the sky,

Slowly consuming me as I die.

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