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December 29, 2021


By Marylen Boehm


By Sophia Dowling

Palmettos, Not Palms

By Almeda Pitts

A sort of admiration.

Unhealthily, an idolization.

I feel kinda immature next to you,

It’s not like it’s anything you were trying to do.

You’re always right thing, right time,

Right tone,

On the dime.

Right there,

Never behind.

Meanwhile, I’m losing my patience.

I say the right thing,

Wrong tone.

My patience?

On loan,

In debt.


Never met.

Cut off: jeans and sentences, both by me

Despite how hard I’m trying.

Time is flying,

Slipping through my fingers like sand,

Into the bottom of the hourglass.

It’s all I can do to watch it pass.


By Logan Roy

I don't even know what to say.

This month has stretched me in ways I cannot yet fathom,

And tugged at the core of my soul in a way not much else has.

Can words even begin to describe what has happened?

How I’ve changed?

What I’ve learned?

Yes. Yes, they can.

And that is what I have learned:

All they need is someone willing to write them.

Well, here I am!

And as long as I live

The pen in my hands will not rest,

Nor the keyboard underneath my eager fingers.

This great realization is what has carried me through this trying time,

For while my soul is being tugged,

I can spin words to soar above the pain,

And while my being is being stretched to its limits,

I can write sonnets to stitch my wounds.

So yes, it may be true now that I don't know what to say,

But the thing is, eventually,

I will.

And breathtaking landscapes will be drawn with those words.


By Logan Roy

Rules are not made to be broken,

They are made to be followed

For safety,


And flourishing.


That is only on paper,

In the best-case scenario,

What they ought to be.

In real life, they can limit,


And kill.

They can be cold,



And unfeeling.

Feeling is a necessity.

That is why people remain human.

If you take out the heart,

You take out the soul,

And when you take out the soul,

You become nothing but a shell.

So why have I not stopped writing?

Why haven't I dropped this challenge?

For I should’ve been knocked out a long time ago

Because of what the rules say.

It is because of the words I heard someone else say that someone else said,

“Life happens.”

These rules do not account for life,

They know not the man with the keyboard,

Or the woman with the pen,

All they know is what they were told to say.

I am still here because life happens,

And I still want to write.

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