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February 1, 2022

Dive In

Abby Davick


By Sophie Taylor

This month I have realized

People have beautiful ideas

And eloquent ways of putting them 

To paper.

To tell a story through stanzas

Of a world that doesn’t exist. 

I look to my poems and see only

My world 

And a list

Of rants with no particular purpose

Other than to entertain and

Release my inner confrontations. 

I wish to work on my 


To express my thoughts 

More powerfully. 

To experiment with


To open a world that’s never been seen.

I need to stop comparing,

It follows me in everything I do. 

Some people use elegant language

I simply need to get a point across

To you.

The rhythms and beats of poetry sing

Across lines of hope and lines of spring.

Alliteration litters lengthy lines of love 

And similes are quite like a little dove. 

They bring peace to the reader and satisfy their soul,

But this rhyming bit is about to grow old.

Syllables. So many syllables. 

English was meant to be spoken in beats.

They fill an otherwise empty language

With beauty. 

I’m not completely sure what I’m trying to say

Maybe that will come with the dawn of a glorious new day. 


By Isabella Schremp

I see your pain and I ask why

For the pain flows in your eyes

Like a raging sea

Or a burning bush

So why do you cause others the hurt and dismay 

You break others confidence 

With your words

Like others have done to you

So when will you break the cycle?

And treat others how 

You wished people would’ve treated you

But instead, you break others

With the same sticks and stones that were thrown 

At you

Galaxy of Coke

Jessie McGinty


Sofie Flynn

Thank You, Rain

By Ella Green

Thank you, Rain

That falls in sheets

Replenishing earth’s life with each drop 

Thank you, Rain

That leaves the world wet and glistening 

That makes trees swell with lush beauty

That helps petals expand from their tiny bud

That makes roots burrow deeper into the soil of the earth

Thank you, Rain

For your small, cold drops upon my skin 

That seem to spring life into me

Thank you, Rain

For the puddles you help form

In which some are intrigued to create a splash

Thank you, Rain

For the refreshing water you pour down on us 

The drops of water that hold renewed life within them as they fall from the clouds

Kissing the earth once again

The Dig.

By Sophie Taylor

While beauty lingers on her breast, she dons

A pendant from her lover, wandring far gone.

Nothing can mask the tremulous distaste

For the men

The army

The weapons 

The weight,

Of the grief on her heart

The tears on her face.

A hole in her heart she’ll never replace. 

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