Film Challenge

Published on  
March 21, 2022

The Film Challenge Rules

  • Make a film that is inspired by one of the poems in any way shape or form. (The poem can be spoken in the film, but doesn’t have to be)
  • Must be under 5 minutes of run time.
  • It can be animated or filmed
  • Due: Friday, April 22nd

Upload your film to Youtube or Vimeo and submit through our Submissions page


By Sophie Howard

You tell me a secret 

You say I can never repeat.

But what if this secret leaves scars?

What if it bleeds,

In my heart.

What if it burns,

In my mind.

What if I have to tell someone in order for it to die?

Because I want this secret to die.

I want it gone and I wish I never heard it

I don’t want to be a part of it.

Burning in my head, bleeding in my heart, scarring on my arm - I can’t take it anymore.

I tell.

I told the secret you told me to keep, I feel better, and now I can sleep.

Sure I was an adult but you always made me feel like I was 15.

Lesser than you and lesser than everyone.

Why did you have to tell me? 

Was it burning you too?

Was your heart bleeding too?

Did it scar you too?

Did I scar, did I burn, did I help bleed someone else now? 

Maybe I should have left it be so no more people would have to bleed.

Would have to burn,

Would have to scar,

The way we did. 

Never tell me a secret

That I cannot keep.

Approaching Truth

By Matthew Sellers

Death is not the end

Another world waits

Subtle like salt

But strong enough to taste

A light path piercing oblivion

The mind can’t grasp

In fighting reality

Logic lacks

To guess it leads to uncertainty

To gain it people endure

Criticism and persecution

Crucifixion of the pure

Faith a game of tag

Trips up chasing reality

More than tradition

Correlation is not causality

Enthusiastic sermons

Spiritual gravity

Nothing stops the truth

That reveals the cavity

crashing sea 

By Ava Kathrine Levine

In my seat I’ll scoot and move.

Lights and noises do not soothe.

The window calls on me to look.

I cannot focus on my book. 

I try to write the letter b;

But my pencil draws a d.

I try again to get it right; 

But the answer’s out of sight. 

Some days my mind runs really fast.

Words and numbers fly right past.

I hope the teacher doesn’t see,

How scared I am she’ll call on me. 

It’s hard to try to sit real still. 

To get through my homework takes all my will.

I’m not stupid lazy or dumb;

It’s just my mind like to run.

A broken bone may wear a cast;

But my problems you’ll look right past. 

You cannot see what troubles me. 

Inside my mind is a crashing sea.

The Dig 

By Sophie Taylor

While beauty lingers on her breast, she dons

A pendant from her lover, wandring far gone.

Nothing can mask the tremulous distaste

For the men

The army

The weapons 

The weight,

Of the grief on her heart

The tears on her face.

A hole in her heart she’ll never replace. 

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