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November 1, 2021


Corbin Mcdonough

crashing sea

By Ava Katherine Levine

in my seat i’ll scoot and move

lights and noises do not soothe

the window calls on me to look

i cannot focus on my book 

i try to write the letter b

but my pencil draws a d

i try again to get it right 

but the answer’s out of sight 

some days my mind runs really fast

words and numbers fly right past

i hope the teacher doesn’t see 

how scared i am she’ll call on me 

it’s hard to try and  sit real still 

to get through my homework takes all my will

i’m not stupid lazy or dumb

it’s just my mind likes to run

a broken bone may wear a cast

but my problems you’ll look right past 

you cannot see what troubles me 

inside my mind is a crashing sea

What Love Feels Like

by Logan Roy

Love feels like a lot of things,

So many emotions I don't want to write out because I wouldn't find it fun.

Instead, I'll talk about an experience,

And try to narrow the list down to one.

It was at CCS, after school,

During my sophomore year if I correctly recall.

I was simply walking with a trusted friend

To her locker in the sophomore hall.

We get there, probably wrapping up a conversation,

When she opens the locker door, turns to me and asks,

"How are you doing Logan?"

I responded, as we all tend to do, with

"I'm good"

"No, really, how are you doing?"

With just those words, my kingdom fell.

A kingdom built by a child king,

Surrounded by layers of brick and mortar walls.

You see, the king was sick, and his family doomed to suffer,

And there was nothing he could do as he was just a boy.

So he ran and hid from it all, the suffering and the world,

He erected his walls.

What else could a little boy do? 

He was alone and without hope.

The worst part for the king was, things began to get better,

And although he longed for healing, he longed from within his walls.

Now that healing was nigh, and dawn began to break,

The king became worried, anxious, and afraid.

He knew not what lay beyond his walls.

So he stayed, sat upon his decrepit throne,

Unconvinced that he would ever let himself go

Out of his kingdom, beyond the walls;

All he could see was the unknown, a darkness, and there he could stumble and fall.

"No, really, how are you doing?"

Suddenly, a beam of light shone  in the dark.

It then pierced through the walls, brick, mortar, and all, and pierced the child king's heart.

"Oh I really am doing well right now, but I appreciate it!"

I said this casually, and we continued walking,

 My dear friend none the wiser to what just happened inside me.

Now that was quite dramatic,

And you may think my explanation hyperbolic,

But that story I will never let be forgotten.

With my experience there is a lot I could say about how love could feel, but what would it matter,

Because back then it was an arrow through the heart,

And the feeling I felt was Love.

Luna and Her Lover

By Clara Monahan

Luna and her lover

Sitting in the sky

We only ever see them

When mornings pass us by

Her cold pale skin

Brushes against his peel

Singing as they embrace;

Twisting Achilles heel

Yet their hearts both flutter

Motivation revived anew

Traveling 'round her great, wide, sphere

Till’ sky’s cheeks flush blue

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