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September 23, 2021

Abby Davick

After The Rain


Charlie Green

In the winter, the dark woods are quiet

The insects have perished or gone dormant

The bitter cold calms the rest of the year

In the summer,  dark woods are deafening

Watchers, deep in the trees make themselves known

In the heart of their lair, they are screaming

The cicada, cricket, and katydid

Immersed in wood, an invisible choir

A drone, a buzz, a hiss. Right in my ear

Many nights the invisible choir have carried me to bed

But tonight I'm awake, and I can see

I see the strobe of many lightning bugs

Hundreds of them signaling at a time

I blink, and all of them are different

The oaken canopy obscures the sky

but I am not without constellations

An ancient pine stands tall despite its age

They line the path like soldiers, long and thin

Matching dark green uniforms, sharp and slim

Wind blows, they sway, cool breath against my skin

I look up and see my brothers, their faces ruddy and dim

Silent solemn circle around the fire

The foolish, fervent tongues of flame have died

Only the noble red embers remain

Quiet, black, smoking, hissing, smoldering

I look across the smoke and meet his eyes

The birds now slumber, silence overhead

A distant drum, a strum, sound in their stead

A dark circle of fire burning red

My pillow, far away, awaits my head

I close my eyes, the invisible choir carries me to bed


Ella Green

When the world seems black and white

My eyes long to see splashes of color

Golden drops of sunlight

Wet glistening greenery after freshly fallen rain

The fiery citrus of sunrise

The peaceful canopy of trees

Vibrant soft flowers

A road that longs to be taken

A journey that lays right before your feet

Colors that bring views alive right before your eyes

Everywhere All the Time

Charlie Green

On the road to and fro it’s all I can see

Smiling faces, shiny toys, calling out to me

They scream their name, their stake in the game, their monetary worth

To ensure they fatten their pockets, and thereby fatten our girth

I guarantee it’s what I’ll see, from daybreak till I bed

All the time, when I close my eyes, I see it in my head

Endless effort and resources poured into design

Would be masterworks reworked to compel to buy

So it seems with minds on green the artists intermingle

A would-be modern-day Mozart writes a catchy jingle

We slumber for rising numbers, yet for it grease our elbows

A would-be modern-day Da Vinchi designs a crisp new logo

One day we’ll learn (with time, I’m sure) to project onto the sky

And instantly send a message, to all with seeing eyes

I’d look up, and nothing’s changed, everywhere all the time

“New crispy chicken sandwich, only four ninety-nine”

Self by Juden Green

Clara Monahan

Mexican Sunflower

Juden Green


Do You


Do you know I love you?

Oh only if you knew,

The long-held gaze I never broke

The short good mornings, after I woke

Do you know I care?

If only you’d be aware,

Of my smile, I hoped you’d catch

The smallest of gestures, I hoped you’d fetch

Do you know I despise you?

Oh like you’d care,

Because every gaze is now broken,

Every hello, replied unspoken

Worst of all, do you know?

I don’t hate you, no, no, no

I only throw my humble plea

That you’d show 

You loved me.


Clara Monahan

Ohhh, you sparkling spritz

You happy plum kiss!

Your feet on their toes

Your throat in your nose

You’re sour but sweet

A dazzling treat

A radiant hue

Or a flavorful stew

You fiddle my tongue

But it’s all for quite fun

To feel your spazzy,



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