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What do you call art?
Is it paint on a canvas? Is it a messy sketch of a person? Is it the way words beautifully describe places and ideas with metaphors? Is it the sound of a guitar? Or Harry Styles' voice? Is it a perfectly done physics problem? Or calculus problem? A vlog? Maybe a beautifully cooked meal or a perfectly choreographed dance.
All of these things are art! The purpose of The Nonesuch Magazine is to condense the beauty (that's able to be printed on a page) that's made by the students and teachers of CCS into a short 50 page book.
Due to COVID-19 our 2020 issue of Nonesuch helped us pivot to digital. Now everyone can enjoy our digital magazine.
How do you submit art to Nonesuch?
Send in those artsy vsco pictures you take. Or write a short story and share it with us. What about the poem you had to write for class? Did you ever print a fish with Mr. Monahan? Make jewelry, or dance really well? Send in photos of that! Submit things you think are beautiful and you're proud of.
All submissions can be sent directly to
What are the size requirements for artwork submissions?
Artwork: If all you have is a cellphone to photograph your work with that's fine! Try to get as close to your artwork as possible when photographing. Make sure the lighting is good. Maybe photograph your work outside if possible. Please do not compress your photos.
Digital Photography: Please be sure to send us a file at least 72dpi or greater.
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