Our Story

We exist to showcase the
artistic talent of the
CCS community
Advisor, Editor
Mr. Slaten
Mr. Slaten has been lurking in the shadows of Nonesuch in a variety of ways since its revival in 2014 and is currently the faculty sponsor. He is in his 13th year at CCS, primarily teaching junior and senior literature. He writes songs and records under the moniker Son of Laughter and loves traveling with his family.
Corbin McDonough
This is Corbin's first year on the Nonesuch team. He also used to work on the robotics team. He enjoys cassette collecting, pizza, and Spy Kids.
This is Lauren’s fourth year to be involved with Nonesuch and her second year as Editor-in-Chief. Outside of Nonesuch, Lauren is also a part of The Charger, JSA, and NHS. Lauren loves historical fiction, good coffee, and the simple joys in life.
Editor in Chief
Lauren McNeese
Layout and Design
Mrs. Mia Baker
Mrs. Baker is the Ceramics & Design teacher at CCS. She has a passion for all things art. She's a graphics designer, photographer, and web designer by trade. Everyday is a blessing and should be full of joy!
Clara Monahan
This is Clara's first year on the staff of Nonesuch. She writes songs for her guitar and enjoys sketching and drawing. Clara enjoys Improv, chocolate, and hanging out with her friends and family.
This is Lauren's first year on the Nonsuch staff. She is not currently involved in any other extracurricular activities but will be someday. As a random fact, she has never drunk any coffee in her life and doesn't plan to.
Bailey Brown
Lauren Tyler
Bailey is a Senior this year at CCS! This is her first year on the Nonesuch staff and she is so excited to be a part of the Nonesuch team! Bailey loves flowers, her family and friends, her little kitty cat, and the color purple. She plans to go on and study English and Art History at college!
Bailey Brown
Jenna Miller
This is Jenna's senior year and this is her third year on the Nonesuch staff. When not participating in Nonesuch, she loves writing, chatting, photography, and politics. Jenna is the Editor-in-Chief of our school newspaper, The Charger, and the Chapter President of our Junior State of America chapter.
Tucker Stafford
This is Tucker's first year on the Nonesuch team. Tucker enjoys long boarding, gaming and forensics! He hopes you have a good day and have fun.
This is Joanna. She is a freshman and this is her first year in Nonesuch. She loves photography, acting, baking, and playing music. She also loves reading because she's a nerd and a geek about marvel, Hamilton, and The Hunger Games.
Joanna Ward
Flannery has worked on the Nonesuch staff for the past 3 years. She enjoys music and reading, and finds Nonesuch a great place for both.
Flannery Lowe


A mission
to celebrate God's beauty
Nonesuch exists to encourage and celebrate original pieces of beauty, mystery, and clarity as a means of worshipping our Creator who loves us as fellow creators. It provides a safe and respected platform for students and teachers at Chattanooga Christian School to take risks in sharing their work.
How can
you be part of the team?
Every year students may apply to be a part of the Nonesuch team that will vote on submissions and plan for any Nonesuch events that happen that year. Students can also submit their work every month to be included in the community that Nonesuch is trying to cultivate.
Are you an
online art magazine?
Nonesuch releases a monthly digital magazine at the middle of each month.

At the end of the school year we curate a physical magazine based on all the submissions from the year.
How do I 
Submit my work?
We are so glad you would like to submit your creative work to Nonesuch. Head over to our Submissions page and fill out our form. Can't wait to see what you send us.