February | 2023

February | 2023

February | 2023

February | 2023

February | 2023

February | 2023

February | 2023

February | 2023

Kathryn Leavengood


Grief Abounding

by Lauren Tyler

Let me find

Somewhere I can hide

Someplace away from prying eyes

Where all hasn’t lost or died

Somewhere I have no tears to cry

With pretty, pearly skies

And fields of wildflowers in a countryside

How can I say, “It’s nothing, nothing,”?

Let me go

Into the depths of the ocean

A place without riptides or commotion

Somewhere sorrow loses its devotion

Where the heart can surely open

Someplace sunlight isn’t stolen

Without cloudy eyes and irises broken

How can I explain, “It’s everything, everything,”?

Waves by Stella Mininger

Arches By Rachel Kapp

A Play on “I took my Power in my Hand”

by Lauren Tyler

I took my Stone in my Hand -

And went against the Lord -

‘Twas twice as vile as Cain - but -

But I - was not half as cold

I aimed by Envy - but Myself

Was all the one that died -

Was it Lucifer - was too loud -

Or was myself - too quiet?

Log Pitcher by Joanna Ward

My Roommate

by Julia Baker

My roommate does not sleep. 

She would rather play tag 

In an endless field of wonder 

 and race me to catch a finish line 

 that does not exist.

No one can keep up with my roommate.

She’s elusive and sly,

she will keep you awake and not tell you why.

She is a thief. 

She doesn’t steal money,

for she has no use for nickels and dimes.

She's only interested in taking my time. 

So I sit with my roommate,

While she chases my heart 

keeps me wide awake in the dark. 

While she tells me everything to do 

but doesn’t tell me how to start.

I run after her 

with a cry in my voice and murder in my eyes,

but you can’t kill a roommate that lives in your mind 

So we co-exist 

Anxiety and I.

Awaiting Gate

by Naya Green

Shamble through 

While the gate’s still open! 

The ivy leaves tingle and 

There sits the black raven. 

The fairies prance in tinsel skirts 

While the silver clouds dump chandelier shards. 

You, silly you. 

There is no gloom 

Through the hardy old gate 

That will not wait 

For your timeless inactivity 

Your lousy depravity. 

Go on, now pet the rabbits ears. 

Don’t spend your time on tears. 

You are not short of years. 

You have all the delight days you need 

So long as heavens candle shines 

And you follow those ivy vines!!!!!!!!! 

Inverted Mushroom by Stella Mininger

What I Have Done or Probably Thunk During Math Class

by Clara Monahan

I think of grannies in their floral moomoos

Jumping up and down in a rave

Hair rollers rattling alongside flailing arm noodles

I think of how their walkers 

Would fit in the mob of sweaty legs

I stare at the back of the head in front of me

Imagining my hand rubbing his scalp

If he’d turn around

And make an uncomfortable frown

I might reach my hand out

Wondering if I have the guts

I draw on my paper and get real weird

As I give my poor creation:

18 chins and miscellaneous hairs

All over his misshapen 2D head

Maybe it’s a self portrait

Of my heart

My guts

I think about drama in my church

I am certainly not a part of

How the pastor’s kids get along

Or if they bite each other

I wonder what Mrs. Galindez would do if I bit her

I would have to go home

And maybe not come back

This is why I’m afraid of telepaths.

Pitcher by Eliza Bell
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