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Maggie Boggs



by Genna Christie

My anger burns

I feel it pulse

I want to punch something


But I can’t

That’s not acceptable

The relief I would feel

The hole in the wall

Wouldn’t account for 

The guilt I would have

The trouble I would be in

The pain I would feel

It stops me a lot

The aftermath feeling

The regret

But I’m angry 

Always angry

Everything sets me off

I can’t let anyone see it

I’ll be pushed away even more

But I can’t feel that way either

I can’t let the anger overtake me

But it does

I can’t get it out

How do I get it out?

Untitled 1 by Kathryn Leavengood

God’s Little Craft

by Jacob Davick

The year is far from now

And the world has gone far

Astronauts are common

I can join them where they are

I go up in a ship

The journey is long

We go far far away

I become the new Armstrong

My shuttle stops

We have arrived 

The window opens

As my body floats weightless

To the window I fly

I see God’s little craft

And all I can do is cry

It would be much less like a cry

A lot More like a sob

While pain can't make me cry

God makes my heart throb

I don’t bother to cry at pain

Or the stress in my life

But I think I’ll cry one day

When I marry my wife

Maybe it’s because

Life is full of depression

So i can save my tears

For glimpses of heaven

Bowl by Sophie Allen

Always and Forever

by Elizabeth Humphries

Always and forever

That’s a very long time

But that is what we will do 

Together forever  

Your hand in mine

My hand in yours 

Her hand in his 

His hand in hers 

We are like one

For I will leave you never

We will be with each other

Always and forever

Mushroom Jellyfish  By Rachel Kapp

Pointillism Leaf by Rachel Kapp

Un breakable

by Julia Baker

Everything that falls 

must break, but still  

I sat on the edge with you


 I could shatter. 

Loving you was the most 

exquisite form 

of self-destruction. 

When the sun hit your waters

you were a bottomless pool, 

I was afraid of falling in 

and never coming up for air,

which I did,  

but when I caught my breath 

I jumped right back in, 

and deeper than before.

I was so far into the vast ocean 

that I didn’t even see 

you pushing me. 




A thud alarms that I’ve hit the ground 

I wait for my legs to collapse and shatter 

but they don’t. 

I look up with confusion 

how have I not broken? 

Everything that falls must break. 


the fall is just the first stroke

of your beautiful picture. 

Minimalist by Stella Mininger

A Beautiful Stranger

by Keegan Imami



tiny and naked,

it seems 

as though I could clasp you like this 

and carry you,

through full glass 

and crawling waves;

the bells shook the sky

and returned me 

to the ground. 

And like the night

you were rolled 

and waxed 

into trembling meteors

that fell from

the arc of my 


O, roselet,

when our eyes met

a curious terror

came over

me, absorbed me;

tempestuous and gentle like California redwoods,

seeing something in me

I hadn’t realized in myself. 

And in the masts

and seagrass

I felt your hair,

lifting it to my mouth and nose

and breathing in

all the dirt and ash and salt and pine. 

When my heart stopped

and I stifled,

your hands I

would find in

the raging grains

and honeycomb of autumn’s coronation;

yet in that instant

I saw it to be 

a mirage born of desert air. 

Your touch I craved,

your bright body,

what slept beneath your loose clothes —

but I could not have you.

I could not behold your nature,

as I couldn’t your name

nor voice,

but in it all, intact and new,

as if the cloud cover

had newly given light

to the 

sealed fire between us. 

O, Darling of sweet fruit and flower, 

like the cost of time

it is your kind that keeps me up at night,

the ones, sadly, I never see again. 

Smelly Green by Stella Mininger

What I Have Done or Probably Thunk During Math Class

Clara Monahan

I think of grannies in their floral moomoos

Jumping up and down in a rave

Hair rollers rattling alongside flailing arm noodles

I think of how their walkers 

Would fit in the mob of sweaty legs

I stare at the back of the head in front of me

Imagining my hand rubbing his scalp

If he’d turn around

And make an uncomfortable frown

I might reach my hand out

Wondering if I have the guts

I draw on my paper and get real weird

As I give my poor creation:

18 chins and miscellaneous hairs

All over his misshapen 2D head

Maybe it’s a self portrait

Of my heart

My guts

I think about drama in my church

I am certainly not a part of

How the pastor’s kids get along

Or if they bite each other

I wonder what Mrs. Galindez would do if I bit her

I would have to go home

And maybe not come back

This is why I’m afraid of telepaths.

Pottery Bowl by Rachel Loughran

Maze Mug by Stella Mininger

All But Me.

by Sophia Taylor

Beams of brilliance warm

All but me.

Standing in the swarm

All but me.

A tadpole in a pond

All but me.

Everyone feels at home

All but me.

Never feel attached

Like a thread

Snatched by the rubble

Of a tumbling crash.

A constant concussion

But without me who really cares

Who I am?

Am I wanted?

Do I matter?

If I took a step away

Into the cool, damp

Living forest, would I disappear?

Would I be the death that

Wrecks the whole system?

Could I be alone, or are people

What’s keeping me alive?

Giving me sustenance,

Giving me shelter.

I want to be alone,

Just not lonely. 

Ruddy Face by Clara Monahan

Oh My White Rose

by Cadie Weldon

SUN-DRENCHED, yet you never run dry, 

Always drowning in mystery. 

Your lucent silhouette, absent of headache and heartbreak, 

cherished and delicate. 

And on your white quilting: absent of fingertips or eyes, 

on your pallid palms there are no lines softly sewn,

Yet your stare could hold me better than any hands I’ve ever known. 

So diabolically Angel-like, swan-like,

In moonlight and starlight.

Even in the dark I can feel your brilliance— 

The kind that makes you believe in God. 

Screamed like a baby on a piano key,

Played so violent yet so tenderly,

Your beauty— paper thin on bleached skin. 

It drives you to madness… 

And I feel so dizzy, I feel so dizzy like I

Could fall to the ground you grow from. 

And if I lie there, if I lie there you’d grow 

Above my grave. 

So promise you’ll call to me in that tragedy 

With your beauty sung like a melody 

And then if Love could be carried I’d set

Mine down into a garden hose.

Oh my White Rose, Oh my White Rose 

I’d water you day by day

Till we both wilt away.

Oh my White Rose, Oh my White Rose. 

Everything beautiful pays homage to the way I think of you.

Plastic by Maggie Boggs

The White Snake by Delaney Tallent
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