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September | 2022

September | 2022

September | 2022

September | 2022

September | 2022

September | 2022

September | 2022

Rose Vos

Pop-Up Book

She's not there

By Clara Monahan

Sitting in a chair - corner of my eye,

Gently sits an old gray girl.

I turn around 

And she's a bag.

Walk through the front door,

Ready for a hug,

But the air

Is still.

Go into the laundry room,

Sitting on the freezer,

Is a pair of bowls 

Cold and dry.

Everywhere I look

You left little clues,

Tricking me into thinking

They could lead to you.

The harder I look the less I find,

And the more I try to forget

The more memories rewind.

Your smell, 

Your nose,

Your deep brown eyes,

Your tail always wagging,

Even though you were tired.

So tired.

Old girl, you loved me

And I loved you.

It breaks my heart

He did this to you.

So live on in my heart

And sweeten my mind,

Though I can't be with you,

Your memories I'll find.


By Keegan Imami

I want to see you smile again

like diamonds in the dust,

Jump off the end

into a clear lake,

whom the small waves


Fantasize with 


A trace of misty morning,

the promise of tomorrow in her eyes,

I remember your bones

in flesh

and best

in that sunny red dress

and those bright white shoes—

I’ve sought out the light

you left on the dock,

but your eyes were elsewhere

and you’ve since

blown the lantern out—

I should have kissed you then

in that sunny red dress

and those bright white shoes,

sipping the moonlight from your lips

and wedding my unutterable visions

to your perishable breath,

Long after the last sunshine fell

romantically upon her glowing face,

and as it faded, deserting her

with lingering regret,

like children

leaving a pleasant street 

at dusk. 

Forever here still,

knowing not if I should

stay to watch the sunset

or lay down to sleep. 

Pop-up by Rose Vos

Sonnet for a Missing Cat 

By Robert Marshall

When you slid out the back door 

This morning, I payed you no mind; 

As the afternoon hour approaches four

I am pacing, lacing up my shoes to find

You, wondering what makes you wander

From this place where needs are met

Reliably; you who have no means to ponder

How much richer, sweeter life could get; 

You who think only food and water if I 

Believe what I am told of your nature. 

Still, some spirit’s voice must call you nigh 

If you step out into the wild, defying hunger:

Then I remember, Mystery is undomesticatable;

All of this supposed reason, incommunicable.

Pop-Up By Rose Vos
Pop-Up By Rose Vos
Pop-Up By Rose Vos

Who? What? When? 

By Sophia Taylor

Constantly stumbling over rock and rubble

Mountain peaks splinter and crumble.

The hikers' boots lose their grip on a familiar path.

Mother Nature appeases with wrath.

Their heart leaps into the head, the ears, the throat

And somehow sinks to the knees, the ankles, the feet, the toes.

All in all a complete whirlwind.

But only a few words appear on the screen

With simple spellings, and simple meanings.

Put together it's something greedy.

Begging for scraps while someone is bleeding.

Longing for bandages to heal a festering wound.

Waiting for something to bloom.

Out of the damage and blood and the lies,

Out of the heartache and heartbreak and cries

A petal appears without the faintest clue,

Of who we are

We're we've been

And what we do.

Most Beautiful 

By Sophia Taylor

There's nothing more beautiful than 

Raindrops on wilted leaves,

Sunlight to worn, swollen eyes,

Water in a glass,

Food on a table.

There's nothing more beautiful than

Words on a page,

Thoughts being spoken,

Raw emotions.

There's nothing more beautiful than

A single note in an orchestra,

An ant standing alone,

A breath taken,

And a life shaken.

The Cave - Lauren Tyler

I never thought I’d break this badly

For something I never had

That I’d trace the cold fingers of despair

Tattooed ‘cross my weather-beaten chest

That the gentle waves I thought I’d ride

Would be the breakers of a storm

The soft beams of moonlight

Only mourners for the dawn

I never thought I’d blaze the darkened trail

That brings the greatest to their knees

The liveliest to their graves

Leaves the strongest torn

But ‘till I see the sun again

Feel its warmth caress my shadowed face

I’ll keep traveling down the forsaken road

That some men dare call loneliness

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